Environment Agency National Fisheries Service meet GoFlo at Hydropower site

GoFlo meet with Environment Agency National Fisheries Service

Cressbrook Mill, Derbyshire

Jo Haddon of GoFlo Screens Ltd recently met with a team from the Environment Agency National Fisheries Service at the Cressbrook Mill hydropower scheme, located in Derbyshire. The National Fisheries Service acts to maintain the health and well-being of England’s fisheries and associated recreational and economic benefits.

The aim of the meeting was to demonstrate the utility, innovation and potential benefits of GoFlo self-cleaning water screens to a delegation of Environment Agency officials. The emphasis of the meeting was not commercial, but rather a neutral information sharing process with a focus upon the technical, regulatory and economic benefits of installing GoFlo self-cleaning water screens across a broad range of applications, including those within the energy, water utility and agricultural sectors.

Cressbrook GoFlo Screen in assembly

Cressbrook GoFlo Screen in assembly

New hydraulic motor system

New hydraulic motor system

The site visit included a detailed presentation by Jo Haddon about key aspects of the GoFlo screens, with an emphasis upon key and unique design features, screen specification variations, installation procedures, monitoring and control, maintenance requirements and potential applications. The presentation also provided key data about the recently installed Cressbrook Mill screen.

The Fisheries team were shown a new development of the GoFlo screen in which a hydraulic, rather than an electric, motor is employed. The benefits of this include reduced levels of noise, less visual impact due to its smaller size, as well as being more tolerant to flooding. The new developments reflect GoFlo’s drive for continued innovation in order to meet ever tighter compliance standards.

The Environment Agency Fisheries team were also shown first-hand the screen at the site of the 100 KW Cressbrook Mill hydropower scheme (installed by Renewables First), in order to compliment the theoretical briefing offered during the presentation. Attendees were invited to ask questions relating to all aspects of the GoFlo screen.

Overall the Cressbrook visit was deemed to be very successful. As a regulatory organisation, the Environment Agency and associated specialists like to be objectively kept up to speed on products which demonstrate technical innovation and regulatory compliance.

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