GoFlo self-cleaning screens

Cochwillan hydro site to use GoFlo self-cleaning screens.

Penrhyn Hydro Ltd has ordered two 4.5 metre long GoFlo self-cleaning screens with 3 mm bar-spacing for the Cochwillan hydro project. The Cochwillan hydro scheme is very close to the sea and therefore requires an eel screen that is compliant with the strictest screening rules under the Eel Regulations – hence the 3 mm bar-spacing.

The GoFlo water intake screen design is one of the few self-cleaning travelling water screen systems which can cope with such fine bar-spacing and is very cost-effective. Phil Davis, Managing Director of GoFlo Screens said, “We are very pleased to win this order because it was against all of our main competitors and the client chose GoFlo based on the quality of the product and its ability to meet the tight screening requirements, in an overall cost-competitive package. The hydro project itself is also interesting – all in the grounds of the stunning Penrhyn Castle.”

The installation of the GoFlo self-cleaning screens will coincide with the construction of the Cochwillan hydro project in general. Gloucestershire based Renewables First undertook the design and procurement works for the hydro scheme, for Carter Jonas land agents on behalf of Penrhyn Hydro. Renewables First will also project manage the installation of the hydro turbine and GoFlo screens, as well as commissioning the system.

Once the projects gets to installation stage we will update our blog page with more details and pictures of the GoFlo screens as they are installed.