GoFlo self-cleaning screen design - GoFlo

GoFlo self-cleaning screen design schematic.

In its October 2016 issue of Spotlight, the British Hydro Association has published a detailed article about the ground-breaking GoFlo self-cleaning screen design. The article is called “GoFlo for Low and High Head Hydro Systems in the UK and Overseas” was submitted by GoFlo Screens Ltd.

The British Hydropower Association (BHA) is the professional trade body representing the interests of the UK hydropower industry and its associated stakeholders in the wider community at regional, national and global levels.

The article clearly explains how the GoFlo self-cleaning screen design provides a neat and very cost-effective solution to many of the problems associated with conventional intake screens. A key factor in the ground-breaking shift in screen design, is that the GoFlo self-cleaning screen was designed and made by engineers at Renewables First, a leading player in the UK hydro sector. Their considerable experience in abstracting water for hydropower schemes has taught them that bolt-on, retrofitted screen cleaning systems are far from ideal.

The Spotlight article explains how the requirement for hydropower systems to comply with ever-more stringent fish and eel screening regulations, has meant a trend toward ever-finer screen meshes. Whilst this is good for maintaining healthy fish and eel populations, increasingly fine screen meshes also increase the likelihood of screen blockages, which in turn significantly reduces turbine output and income, as well as increasing the time spent unblocking screens. The GoFlo self-cleaning screen design plugs an obvious gap in the market for a product that can easily tick all environmental considerations, as well as maximising output and income from the hydro turbine. GoFlo can also be used on non-hydro sites – basically, any site requiring water intake screening, including those with industrial, agricultural, energy producing and flood management purposes, can benefit from the technological innovation of installing a GoFlo screen.

The Spotlight article clearly articulates the benefits of using GoFlo self-cleaning screens. These include:

■ Compliance with fish and eel regulations.

■ Lightweight, rugged design and long-term reliability.

■ Permanently clean operation.

■ Low maintenance costs and simple maintenance.

■ Increased productivity and income.

■ Remote monitoring and control.

■ Cost effective solution.

The article explains in detail how the GoFlo self-cleaning screen design satisfies all of these requirements and more. To read the article in full, go here