Budgetary Pricing Calculator

The budgetary calculator below will give you an indication as to the GoFlo self-cleaning intake screen price based on basic site parameters entered for your project. The price doesn’t include any of the additional options and is only indicative. If this estimate is acceptable to your project budget then please complete the Measuring Up Guide with as much detail as you have available and we will contact you to discuss your site and provide a detailed quotation for your GoFlo project.

Please enter the parameters shown in the form for your existing intake screen and channel and the budgetary price will be calculated automatically.

Are you considering a GoFlo travelling water screen ?

GoFlo travelling water screens are used by hydropower owners and operators, water utilities and other industrial abstractors and are manufactured and supported from the UK. Our self cleaning intake screens are available in the United Kingdom and the European Union or other countries by agreement. Your first step is to try our Budgetary Pricing Calculator and then use the Measuring Up Guide to send us details of your site so we can discuss your project and send you a full quote. If you are a hydropower operator try our Additional Hydro Income Calculator to see the financial benefits of using a GoFlo traveling water screen. Alternatively, you can send us a General Enquiry or call us on +44 (0)1453 88 44 00.

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